We Hear the Dead


We Hear the Dead (YA Historical)

"Gone With the Wind 
meets The Titanic" 
~ Rick Barber, 850 KOA in Colorado

"Historical fiction at its best" 
~ School Library Journal

"Delicious slice of scandal"
~Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

Spirits knock and tables tip for Maggie and Kate Fox, two teenage sisters who convince people they can talk to the dead with their mysterious rapping noises. What begins as a clever prank traps the girls in their lie as neighbors beg for the chance to receive messages from dead relatives.

When their older sister Leah realizes the money-making potential of the scam, she takes them on the road to bamboozle newspaper editors, politicians, and the public at large. As their fame grows, each sister pursues a different goal. Maggie loves the attention. Leah seeks wealth and influence. Kate comes to believe in her own powers.

Then Maggie meets Elisha Kane, a dashing and romantic Arctic explorer who offers her a chance to better herself -- but only if she will turn on her sisters and give up spirit rapping forever. Caught between two worlds, Maggie must decide where her loyalties lie.

We Hear the Dead has been adapted
into a film short titled The Spirit Game,
directed by Craig Goodwill. It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2013.

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The Spirt Game Trailer from Craig Goodwill on Vimeo.

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