Monday, May 19, 2014

Heroes and Villains

I'm over at Project Middle Grade Mayhem today, talking about why flaws and mistakes create a middle grade hero kids can relate to. This is part of an ongoing series on Project Mayhem called Heroes and Villains.

There are a few previous posts you may want to check out, including mine on antagonists, Matthew McNish's discussion of villain archetypes, and one called Villains are People Too by editor/author Harrison Demchick. Check out the series HERE.

Have an idea that would fit right in? Talk to me about guest posting for Project Mayhem.

Speaking of middle grade fiction, there are a couple days left for you to enter to win an e-book of Sherrie Petersen's Wish You Weren't. See the post directly below this one!

Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. A middle-school aged hero is a great idea. Boy those middle school years were sure tough!!

  2. Ooh, great post topic. Must check that out.

  3. Just commented over there:)

  4. I enjoyed your post over at project mayhem. There's so much truth to your words. For my own MG story, I'm working on making sure the flaws fit the character. Now about those mistakes... :-)