Monday, May 12, 2014

Beautiful Things

Please bear with me while I engage in some bragging rights. My daughter, Gabrielle, attended the Junior prom at the beginning of this month ...

See that patterned lining on the underside of her dress? Gabbey is giving us a peek at next month's prom dress. Yes, she is attending the Senior prom, too, and this dress is reversible. Turn it inside out, and it's a different dress. (Pictures to come in June!)

This one is my absolute favorite. There's a certain Daenerys Targaryen quality to her expression, and a gargoyle is as good as a dragon, right?

Not quite as lovely, but beautiful in its own way to me ...

First pass pages (or galleys) of The Inquisitor's Mark.  And then there was this ...

The Inquisitor's Mark showed up on Amazon. Not a lot of information uploaded yet, but the publication date is there: January 27, 2014. Yippee!

So, what's beautiful in your life lately?


  1. You're daughter is GORGEOUS! What a pretty dress as well :) Congrats on getting galleys of The Inquisitor's Mark!

  2. Especially love the last picture of Gabbey. She's beautiful. And awesome she's so practical with her dress. Definitely a brag moment.

  3. Your daughter looks beautiful! I love her dress.

    Yay for galley proofs and release dates! Woo hoo!

  4. I love your daughter's prom dress. Many of my FB friends are posting pics of their kids at prom and this is a FANTASTIC dress and she looks so lovely in it. It still blows my mind that it is reversible.

    Woohoo on galleys for book 2. Gosh, the second book will be out before we know it!

  5. YAY! Galleys! How cool and I can't wait to read the second book.

    Both Gabbey and the dress are beautiful. How clever that it's reversible.

  6. Wahoo! Exciting things. Meant to tell you - your book came! Plus the book plate for my niece (it came two days before the book, so, now we know which is faster, lol). I'll be reading it soon and can't wait. Your daughter is gorgeous!

  7. So, so pretty! They made a good-looking pair and I hope they had lots of fun. And, oh, a gargoyle! I'm partial to them(it's what my book is about that I'm querying right now.) =)

  8. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the dress reversed. :)

  9. HI, Dianne,

    You daughter is truly lovely! I can totally understand why you're so proud! AND YAY for ARCS!

    I can't believe the second book is coming out so soon! CONGRATS!!!!!!

  10. I always love that tilted shadow title of yours. Very eye-catching :).

    Your daughter looks great. I hope she had fun at her first prom of the season.

  11. Gabbey looks lovely! Can't wait to see the reverse.

    How exciting to see #2 up on Amazon already and in galley form.

    Here in Michigan we have grass so green it hurts my eyes, and that is a lovely sight after this winter.

  12. Hi Dianne - I do think that's such a clever idea for a dress - and she looks stunning .. and she and 'her boy' look like they're having fun ... what a day to look back on.

    Congratulations on the galley press for your Inquisitor's Mark .. lots happening in the Salerni household .. cheers Hilary

  13. She is absolutely beautiful! Her spirit and humor just shine through in those pictures you posted...and I don't even know her, but still, it's evident!

  14. Dianne, she's stunning! Thank you for the light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope!

  15. Your daughter's beautiful. I hope she had fun at the prom.

    And yay for seeing your book on Amazon! I hope to get there someday. =)

  16. Your daughter is so beautiful! I love that amazing dress and her gorgeous hair! Wow! :)
    Congrats on the first galleys and the amazon link :)
    After lots of school and work lately, I get a sunny, warm Sunday off - that is beauty to me today :D