Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Charlie's Scribes Answer My Call for Help with ... Well, Grab a Fan, Ladies ...

Knowing I would be ridiculously busy this week, I put out a call for help to Charlie's Scribes. I didn't specify a topic, so I knew I would be at the mercy of their whimsical nature. 

And I wasn't wrong ... nor can I say that I'm disappointed. Take a lookee below ~

I journeyed far and wide looking for a certain...impeccable topic to do for Dianne. I mean have you been here often? It's always full of wise and awesome tales, topics, and to-do's for writing!
How could I top that?
Until I slammed the brakes on my Chevro-legs. I asked a few questions, drooled quite a bit, then discovered...FARMERS CAN WRITE!

They have a wonderful writer's vocabulary that they just HAD to show me.
And show me they did!!
Come...gather my FARMING WRITERS!

So what did we learn today that's writerly? Always carry a fan!
I mean, never think because someone DOESN'T SEEM like a writer, that someone CAN'T BE a writer. Everyone is just different...and sometimes shirtless...and buff...and tan... oh my, where's my industrial fan!!!???
Post by Charlie's Scribes Angel: Tammy Theriault

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  1. I see that this was posted by Tammy, but we all know that Mark was the brains behind this post:D

    Now, someone pass me a fan...

  2. I love it. And the motto 'you snooze, we muse' is awesome! What a great idea!

  3. Hi Dianne and those scribing scribes - was this wise? Men .. way to go .. love this Tammy - such fun .. and I'm recovering with a cup of tea .. we're restrained over here?!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. linda: I can't share my fans!

    robin: I tried to have him pose but he refused

    mshatch: thanks doll!

    Hilary: hope the tea was soothing!

  5. Awesome post! I was laughing, and drooling, and then laughing.

  6. That totally changed my view of farms and writing. Lol! And my daughter glanced over my shoulder and wants to know WHAT her Mom is looking at! :)

  7. LOL...

    I knew this was Tammy's baby.... Always thinking about men in running shorts and now Men on the farm....

    Hope all is well Dianne!

  8. Miranda: thanks girl!!

    T. Decker: oooh man. hope your daughter isn't scared!

    Michael: you know me so well!!