Monday, November 11, 2013

Your Choice: Business or Humor

I don't often do this -- sneak out of writing a blog post at In High Spirits by directing you somewhere else ...

But today I have two posts (hopefully) worth reading elsewhere in the blogosphere, and maybe you'll find a new blog you'd like to follow!

You can find me at Unicorn Bell, where I have the first of a 3-part interview on my journey from a self-published author (back when that was still the Kiss of Death) to a contract with a small publishing house, and from there to representation and a book series deal with one of The Big Six.

If you'd prefer something more light-hearted, head over to Project Middle Grade Mayhem where I take a meeting with the characters in my series and they rip apart my proposed outline for Book 3.

Hope to see you in one place or the other!


  1. Ooh, need to check out the MG link. I'm getting edits on my MG novel this week. :)

  2. I shall check them out. Happy Monday Dianne :)

  3. I know I read the first one. Hm. Headed over to the second now. =)

  4. Whew, you're busy, busy, busy... The least I can do is go check out those other posts. (Well, strictly speaking, I COULD do a lot less, but you know what I mean...)

  5. I read the interview, what a great story, hope the tv series works out for you!