Friday, December 23, 2011

A Holiday Greeting Card for You

Happy Holidays to all my blogging friends!

If I haven't been to your blog this week, please forgive me. This is the longest teaching week of the year, and the children's minds are GONE.  I may have taught the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Declaration of Independence this week, but I doubt anyone was paying attention. If I survive until 1:30pm today, it might be a Christmas miracle.

And in the evenings, in between wrapping presents, attending Christmas concerts, and licking envelopes, I've been furiously writing, writing, writing.

This is my Christmas card to you all ... a year of my life.
And yes, that IS my hand on Will Smith's knee.  No, he didn't object ...


  1. Love the photo montage. Will Smith, huh? And what about Capt. Kirk?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. May you have a totally fun and relaxing Christmas break! All teachers deserve that. :)

    And, seriously, touched Will Smith's knee? Whoa. Have you washed that hand yet?

  3. Ha, ha, Linda!
    He was a bit "waxen" when I met him. ;)

  4. Beautiful montage there, my favorite still has to be that Doctor costume :)

    Happy Holidays, Dianne. May all your surprises in 2012 be wonderful, may the words flow and the joy in your gorgeous family be continuous.

    big hugs

  5. It's after 1:30 - hope you made it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas.