Friday, July 2, 2010

Gina's Review: Eagle Quest

My little itinerant blogger is back today with a review of her most recent read: Eagle Quest by Marva Dasef.

Gina's Review:

Eagle Quest is a great book by Marva Dasef. Before I start the review I’d like to say I noticed that with her two books that I read there are always two boys in the start and one girl and they are all best friends. Until later a new kid comes and they all go on an adventure together.

Eagle Quest is an awesome book about a girl named Fiona and her friends Hap, Billy, and Mitch. Mitch was adopted and his real parents were Indians but he doesn’t know what tribe. He wanted to do an Indian Quest called the Vision Quest to add to his medicine bag an eagle feather. It’s not really a medicine bag but it holds things that are important, the book explains more about that. The four of them all have to sneak away because their parents wouldn’t let them. The kids run into trouble first when they find a cabin that they think is ancient. So the three of them go inside but then someone yells at them to come out with their hands up. Once they sort out what they were doing, they run into Eagle poachers. Fiona almost gets kidnapped and so does Billy when he tries to save her. Then the four friends manage to get away. Meanwhile most of their parents were worried to death and called the police. When they all finally get home they are all grounded. Then the book shows possible outcomes of what could have happened to all of them.

My favorite part of the book was when the eagle poachers came and all the kids fought them. You should also look at Marva Dasef’s other book Quest for the Simurgh

Thank you, Gina!
(Disclosure: Gina received this book for review and has given her honest opinion. I think that makes Gina a Real Blog Reviewer now!)

Visit author Marva Dasef in the blogosphere here.

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  1. I love that Gina is reviewing books. Pure awesomeness!

  2. Gina: You're getting very good at book reviews. Thanks for the kind words.