Friday, April 23, 2010

Gina's Review: Fairest

It’s a good thing I have a guest post today, or else you’d have to read a heart-felt diatribe against the so-called “Take Your Child to Work Day.”

If the point of the day was really to learn about careers (instead of skipping school) it would be scheduled for July instead of April.

Enough said.

Instead, I’d like to introduce a guest reviewer who hopefully will be making regular appearances on my blog! She’s a 9-year old voracious reader with discriminating tastes who often reads multiple books simultaneously. In fact, there is no place in her home she can go without having a book within arm’s reach. I know this for a FACT! She whipped through the Harry Potter series, the Series of Unfortunate Events, and the Septimus Heap series in record time – all within the past year. Today she is reviewing her most recent read: Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine:

Gina’s Review of Fairest

Fairest is a great book about an ugly girl named Aza who works in an inn and learns to throw her voice and she calls it illusing. She can imitate any sound and make it seem like it came out of anything. She wishes she was pretty and is always shy about meeting people. One day a duchess comes to the inn and Aza serves her a drink. Aza worries about her looks so she brings along her cat. The duchess adores the cat and Aza makes friends with her. One day the duchess gets invited to a royal wedding but her companion is sick so she brings along Aza instead. Aza finds herself meeting the queen and she shows her illusing and the queen wants her to sing for her. Aza accepts and the queen makes Aza her Lady in Waiting. The King gets injured and the queen rules, but she makes terrible decisions and Aza regrets taking the job. Aza meets the prince and they fall in love, but Aza can’t believe that he likes her because she’s so ugly.

I really enjoyed this book and my favorite part would be when Aza met the duchess. It was so funny and was written very well. I would recommend this book to someone who enjoys fantasy stories and fairy tales and enjoys a good laugh. I also enjoyed other books by Gail Carson Levine. My favorite one is The Fairy's Mistake.

Thanks, Gina! We hope to hear from you again soon. I know you have lots of other books in progress!


  1. Love this girl. Great find, Dianne!! Book sounds great, too.

  2. I love this review. I also enjoyed the book. I'm excited that I'll get to meet Gail at the LA SCBWI conference this summer. :D

  3. So, Published Writer Lady, is your hand sore from signing all those books? :)

    I will also take this cute reviewer's words to heart and check Fairest out for myself.

  4. Gina will be pleased to hear that her review was well-received!

    KLM -- I've only signed two so far, but one was a fairly important one. That will be my next post, I think.